Is Your VXi Product Still in Warranty?

If your VXi product ever needs repair or replacement, the first thing you want to know is whether or not it’s still covered by the warranty. That’s easy enough.

If you still have the receipt, just check the table below to see how long the warranty period is for your product. To find out when your product's warranty expires, just add the length of warranty period to the purchase date on your receipt. (When you send the product in for service, remember to include a copy of that receipt.)

If you don’t have your receipt, all is not lost. Find the Date Code on your product, it is located below the Serial Number. In the example shown, the date code is 07/13 (July 2013) in month/year format. Add the warranty period to this date, and you’ll know if your product is still covered or not.

Replacement headsets with a serial number beginning in “R” have a warranty expiration date, not a start date. Example below shows this headset warranty expires 01/13 (January 2013)

Product(s) Warranty Serial Number Location
Amplifiers 2 years Underneath the amplifier
AVX and HGT Adapters 2 years Birdband on the cord
Cords and accessories 30 days (unless marked otherwise and with the exception of OmniCord) No serial number
BlueParrott Over-the-head headsets (e.g. B250-XT, B450-XT, etc.) 1 year Under the ear cushion on the ear piece and on the package
BlueParrott Compact and Convertible headsets (e.g. Xpressway II, Reveal Pro, etc.) 1 year Laser etched date code below printed certifications on the back of the headset. Serial number on the package
Dialpads 1 year Underneath the dialpad
OEM headsets Varies Contact your VXi sales representative
OmniCord 1 year Birdband on the cord
Passport headsets 2 years Birdband on the cord
TalkPro headsets 2 years Birdband on the cord
Tria headsets 2 years Birdband on the cord
UC ProSet 2 years Birdband on the cord
V-Series DECT headsets 1 year On the bottom of the base and inside the battery compartment
VR12 and VR11 headsets 1 year Birdband on the cord
VEHS 1 year On the bottom of the base

Consumable Components and Accessories Exempt From Warranty

Limited-life consumable components and accessories subject to normal wear and tear are exempt from Warranty, unless they are found to be defective or broken upon purchase of the product


In the United States:

Return Authorization numbers are not required but you should use a traceable carrier, as the tracking number will serve as your only proof of shipping.

If you want to troubleshoot the problem or receive an RMA # before shipping the defective product into us please contact VXI Technical Support at 844-845-0005 or email us at

VXI Technical Support is available 8:00AM to 8:00PM EST, Monday thru Friday.

On “In warranty” repairs/replacements the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to VXI and VXI will pay for the shipping back out to the customer. Product damaged or lost during shipment is deemed the responsibility of the carrier, and any claim should be made directly to the carrier. A traceable carrier should be used when shipping product in for repair/replacement.

To obtain warranty service in the United States product must be returned to:

2220 Outer Loop Rd Dock Door 245
Louisville, KY 40219

You must provide the following information and product in the box in order to insure prompt handling:

  • Product (for wireless - send headset with base only, no cabling, no documents, no wearing style)
  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Return shipping address
  • Telephone number
  • Proof of purchase (If possible) which clearly Indicates the name and address of the distributor or reseller, date of purchase, product type and model number. Without proof of purchase, your Warranty Period will commence on the date labeled on the headset

Product replacements will normally ship 2 business days after receipt of the returned product as long as all required Information has been supplied by the customer.

In Canada:

To start the RMA process fill in the Warranty Support Form for Canada . Do not return product without contacting Jabra first.


To inquire on the status of your replacement please contact VXI After Market Services at (978) 322-4792 or by email to

VXI After Market Services is available 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST, Monday thru Friday.


VXi Corded Headset 2-Year Warranty
VXi Wireless Headset 1-Year Warranty