Warranty Information

Is Your VXi Product Still in Warranty?

If your VXi product ever needs repair or replacement, the first thing you want to know is whether or not it’s still covered by the warranty. That’s easy enough.

If you still have the receipt, just check the table below to see how long the warranty period is for your product. To find out when your product's warranty expires, just add the length of warranty period to the purchase date on your receipt. (When you send the product in for service, remember to include a copy of that receipt.)

If you don’t have your receipt, all is not lost. The table also tells you where you can find the product’s serial number, which includes a date code. (For example, a date code of 12/10 means December 2010.) Add the warranty period to this date, and you’ll know if your product is still covered or not. Replacement headsets with a serial number beginning in “R” have a warranty expiration date, not a start date.

For wired headsets, you will find the serial number on the bird band as pictured below:


What if your VXi product is out of warranty? We’ve still got you covered. VXi has an Out-of-Warranty Exchange Program that lets you replace your out-of-warranty headset or amp with like-new remanufactured equipment—for a fraction of the cost of a new product. The replacement product even comes with a warranty equal to half of the original warranty period (e.g., if the original product had a two-year warranty, the remanufactured replacement will have a one-year warranty). To get the details on the Out-of-Warranty Exchange Program, please click the link below the table.

Product(s)WarrantySerial Number Location
Amplifiers 2 years Underneath the amplifier
AVX and HGT Adapters 2 years Birdband on the cord
Cords and accessories 30 days (unless marked otherwise and with the exception of OmniCord) No serial number
BlueParrott headsets 1 year Under the ear cushion, on the ear piece, on the package and/or in the user guide
Dialpads 1 year Underneath the dialpad
OEM headsets Varies Contact your VXi sales representative
OmniCord 1 year Birdband on the cord
Passport headsets 2 years Birdband on the cord
TalkPro headsets 2 years Birdband on the cord
Tria headsets 2 years Birdband on the cord
UC ProSet 2 years Birdband on the cord
V150 headsets 1 year On the bottom of the base and inside the battery compartment
VR12 and VR11 headsets 1 year Birdband on the cord

For over 25 years, VXi Corporation has been delivering best-in-class headset solutions to enable clear, consistent and reliable voice communications.