VXi BlueParrott Xpressway II

The VXi BlueParrott® Xpressway II™ is the lightweight (0.6 oz.) Bluetooth® headset that knocks over 93% of background noise out of your conversations. So you can hear and be heard, clearly, no matter how noisy it gets. The Xpressway II also gives you great sound from music players, GPS and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. And its choice of three wearing styles lets you choose the style and fit that works for you.

Xpressway™ II

VXi BlueParrott Xpressway II
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  • Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise canceling—guaranteed.
  • Understand every word with wideband audio.
  • Wear all day in lightweight (0.6 oz.) comfort.
  • Choose the wearing style you prefer: earhook, headband or neckband.
  • Stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Use with two cell phones or a phone and PC.
  • 7+ hours of talk time per charge.
  • Make your phone a walkie-talkie with the VXi BlueParrott App. Push to talk to one person or a group on Android or iOS phones.   
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Reviewed by Todd on
Bought this as a lighter weight alternative to my BT250. Since it was still BlueParrott I was expecting the same noise cancellation. Basically this is no better than any other bluetooth ear piece on the market. No noise cancellation as near as I can tell. I now also own a BT350 and when I'm using it or the 250 if I stop talking the other person will think the call dropped, they're just that quiet.

Called BlueParrott and they did replace my unit, but the new one was no better than the old one, so it just sits in a drawer.
Reviewed by Monte Chartier on
Great headset in noisy environments. I like the optional wearing option choices and the voice prompts. The voice prompts are great when you are driving or in limited environments. Definitely well worth the money.

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